Music and Set You Free

setstanding2I think each author has a unique set of writing practices that work for her or him. For me, drafting is a two-part process. My writing time consists of early morning walks where I create plot, characters, and dialogue. Once I have a chapter written in my mind, I sit down in the quiet hours of the night to type it out. What does music have to do with this? During both parts of the process, I listen to music that inspires me for that particular novel. I create a playlist that varies a bit over the months of writing, but for each novel there are ‘anchor’ songs that remain throughout. Lyrics of songs don’t match perfectly with my novels, but there are some songs that just seem to fit. I had actually written the first two chapters of Set You Free when I discovered Shattered by OAR. The lyrics caught the tone and spirit of the first two chapters and the character Blake. Shattered, driving in the pouring rain, not knowing where he’s headed, but he turns the car around. Shattered became an anchor song in my playlist for Set You Free. A second anchor song was by NEEDTOBREATHE. Set You Free is about individuals sheltering each other despite the fact that they stand in their own storms. The song Brother reminded me of that. I didn’t discover the last anchor song until the first draft of the novel was complete. I was sorry that I found it so late because it was perfect. It was Set Me Free by Casting Crowns. A soul in chains remembering brighter days, crying in the night to be set free. This describes the main characters in Set You Free. And what of their struggles? Will the truth set them free? I guess you’ll need to read the book.