Set You Free – What’s in a Name?

With just 13 days until the release of Set You Free on May 20, here is another installment of Bits and Pieces.
What’s in a Name?
Not all names in my novels are chosen with a purpose but most are. This is true for the two main characters in Set You Free. Set You Free wouldn’t be classified as a Christian novel, but the title and a number of references in the book come from the Bible. Deena’s name is a variant of the name Dinah which means avenged or vindicated. In the Old Testament, Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and Leah, was defiled by Shechem. In retaliation, her bothers Simeon and Levi killed Shechem and all of the men in his village. I’ll leave the story connection up to the readers. On the other hand, Blake’s name is not a biblical reference, but it’s questionable derivation fits in perfectly with the story. The name Blake may come from the Old English “blac” which means dark hair or skin. It may also come from the Old English “blaac” which means light hair or skin. Blake, like the origin of his name, is a bit uncertain. He is a good man, but his emotions sometimes cloud his judgement, leading to decisions that he comes to regret. There is a dark turmoil within him that is hidden from most others in the story. Dina and Blake are both characters who are trying desperately to find some faint light in the blackness of their past.