Bits and Pieces – Storms

setstanding2Conventional advice for writers is to avoid starting your book with weather.  Call me a rebel (or a fool), but that’s exactly where Set You Free begins, in the middle of a nasty storm.  It is the vehicle for the unlikely meeting of the two main characters, Deena and Blake.  It also represents the personal storms that ravage these two lost souls.  Both characters are uneasy about being swept up in events that seem to be the wrong place and the wrong time.  Only later in the book does Blake comment, “When you’re battered by the storm, all you see is rain.” In the moment, it does seem like the wrong place and the wrong time. They, like most of us, have trouble seeing beyond the storm, but there is a beyond.  Every storm comes to an end.  What lies beyond the storm for Dina and Blake?  I guess you’ll have to read the story to find out.

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