Hearts in the Storm

The most destructive storm rages within the heart.


A woman haunted by loss, a man shattered by failure, a wave-battered boat in the clutches of a monster storm, a love that reaches beyond the grave – Hearts in the Storm.

As Hurricane Renee charges toward the fragile barrier islands of the Outer Banks, the main characters in Hearts in the Storm discover that the most destructive storm is not the one that swirls around them. It is the one that rages within.

Trista’s life has fallen apart. A failed marriage and the death of her daughter have left her struggling with loss and regret.   Desperate to free her conscience, she formulates a plan that takes her to North Carolina’s Outer Banks on the anniversary of her daughter’s death. However, Hurricane Renee, a monster storm bearing down on the tiny barrier islands, threatens her perfect plan. In the face of the storm, only one man is willing to help her. Reluctantly, Trista accepts the help of an irresponsible drunkard known as “Duck.” Trista soon discovers that Duck is haunted by his own loss –  the death of his best friend. Together they drive a wave-battered boat into the teeth of the hurricane. Each one hopes to conquer the tempest that rages around them and the tempest that rages within.